Zach Laskowski Performs Original Piece for upcoming WR Custom Guitars Video

Zach Laskowski of Anchour Studios performs an original song on a WR Custom Guitars Triple-000 built for Harrison Hughes of New York. The song lays down the foundation for an amazing new video we’re releasing this week which was produced for us by Anchour.

Harrison is an accomplished musician and it was easy to work with him as he has a solid understanding of the guitar building process. This was a very unique build as both Harrison and I collaborated and planned for many hours on the design and key performance characteristics of this guitar and selecting just the right components and materials for it. This was one of the most enjoyable builds I’ve undertaken yet. Harrison was very professional yet relaxed and very passionate about this custom acoustic guitar. There were certain elements that he really wanted to include but to his credit he left the final choices to my experienced touch. He was a lot of fun to work with and I was blessed with a new friend as we worked through some of the more challenging aspects of this build.

This was a very special custom build using the finest materials offered. We used Zircote back and sides, an Adirondack Spruce Top & Braces, and custom Koa marquetry and embellishments. This guitar produced one of the most open and warm sounds that I’ve built to date. The response and overtones are stunning. The guitar has immense power and sustain yet when played lightly displays a delicate, even balance. It’s set up with a super-low action and a slender and fast neck, so the playability is as good as it gets. This is the first guitar I’ve built using Zircote but it certainly won’t be the last. It’s rounded out with a Fishman Matrix Infinity preamp under-saddle transducer so whether playing this guitar acoustically or plugged in you’ve got the best of both worlds. This guitar truly could take the stage anywhere in the world.

Zach Laskowski WR Custom Guitars Triple 000

Here are some rough photos a friend snapped in the shop. We’ll have some real ones from our photographer Jose Leiva very soon!

HHughes Headstock Custom Acoustic Guitar

HHughes Back Custom Acoustic Guitar

HHughes Front Custom Acoustic Guitar