Block Island Beauty

Claro Walnut & Silver Limited Edition Block Island Beauty

Custom OM Claro Walnut with Pure Silver Marquetry
Heather Littlefield Russo of Block Island, RI

This incredibly special guitar is the first one of its kind to come out of WR Custom Guitars and features Claro Walnut back, sides, and top. It’s a limited edition Block Island Beauty. The top is very unconventional, typically spruce would be used, however, I was looking for something that would create a totally diff sound and appearance. The Claro was the right choice. Warm, dark overtones, tremendous sustain, and wonderful balance. I raised the bar with the marquetry on this guitar by installing a .063 pure silver braid on the top perfling of the body, and a double-braid of silver for the rosette. It’s got a high-gloss finish to bring out the figure in the wood. This guitar is equipped with a Fishman Matrix Infinity preamp. Played acoustically or plugged in, this guitar surpasses all my expectations.

A special thanks goes out to Peter Gibbons, master jeweler of Block Island, who prepared the .063 pure silver braid for the marquetry on this custom guitar.

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